What advantages does the SMARTLOCK® have compared to conventional bicycle locks?

The smart phone with the TRELOCK SMARTLOCK® app is used to open the TRELOCK SMARTLOCK®. This means that no bicycle key must be carried around anymore. Furthermore, the owner of the SMARTLOCKs® can transfer authorisations to open the lock to up to 7 fellow users, which can then all use the lock in parallel. The SMARTLOCK® also does not have any locking cylinder so that lock picking is not possible.


What is the advantage of NFC compared to Bluetooth?

The NFC technology offers for bicycle locks two decisive advantages compared to the Bluetooth technology. On the one hand, the energy is transferred directly from the smart phone to the lock. Therefore, the lock does not require its own energy source, it does not have to be charged and has a possible point of attack less. On the other hand, the NFC standard provides hardly any point of attack due to the short distance between transmitter and receiver - in absolute contrast to Bluetooth connections, which can also be intercepted on larger distances.


How safe is the SMARTLOCK®?

The SMARTLOCK® has the TRELOCK Security Level 4. Thanks to this it provides high protection against petty thieves. The security of this lock can be increased by using TRELOCK connection chains/cables. These are not only compatible with standard TRELOCK frame locks, but also with the SMARTLOCK®. Using these locks, the bicycle can be locked to solid objects so that it cannot be simply carried away.


Are the transferred data safe?

Due to the NFC standard used, the distance between the SMARTLOCK® and the smart phone during the data transmission is very short. Therefore there are practically no attack points to intercept the transferred data, which are additionally encrypted by means of AES-128.


What is the purpose of the TRELOCK SMARTLOCK® App?

The TRELOCK SMARTLOCK® app is used to establish a connection between SMARTLOCK® and smart phone. The TRELOCK SMARTLOCK® app therefore is essential for using the SMARTLOCKs® with the smart phone. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.


How do I open and close the SMARTLOCK®?

In order to open the SMARTLOCK® you only have to hold the paired smart phone to the SMARTLOCK®. Afterwards it can be opened comfortably at the touch of a button. The SMARTLOCK® can be closed again via the bracket while pressing the actuator button at the same time.


Does the SMARTLOCK® need to be charged?

The SMARTLOCK® itself does not have a battery pack, and therefore it does not have to be charged. The energy required to open the lock is provided by the smart phone.


What is the purpose of the key card?

Each SMARTLOCK® has a key card. Only with this key card can smart phones be paired / unpaired with the SMARTLOCK®. You will need the key card even if a SMARTLOCK® should be reset to factory settings or if the user rights should be administered via smart phone.


What can I do if I do not have an Android smart phone, but I still would like to use the SMARTLOCK®?

In this event, TRELOCK offers a practical alternative solution with the E-key. Using the E-key, the SMARTLOCK® can be opened just like with a smart phone. The E-key can be purchased as accessory for the SMARTLOCK®. Up to 8 E-keys can be paired with a SMARTLOCK®.


What is the E-key?

The E-key is an alternative possibility to open the SMARTLOCK®. It can be optionally purchased from a specialised dealer. The lock can be opened with the E-key, if opening with the smart phone is not possible (e.g. loss of the smart phone or empty smart phone battery). Users of non-Android smart phones can also use the SMARTLOCK® with the E-key.


What do the different LED signals of the E-key mean?

If the E-key is activated, the LED display flashes blue to signal operation. The E-key has a battery pack that can be charged via micro USB cable. During the charging process the LED display flashes red. Once the battery pack is charged completely, the LED display flashes green. When activating the E-key, the battery charge state is shown by the colour of the LED.


How can I open my SMARTLOCK® without a paired smart phone, e.g. if the smart phone battery is empty?

There are different possibilities to open the SMARTLOCK® without a paired smart phone: The E-key is one option. Alternatively, the SMARTLOCK® can be opened by an already authorised co-user or, using the key card, a new smart phone can be paired temporarily with the lock.


How is the SMARTLOCK® mounted to the bicycle?

The SMARTLOCK® is mounted to the bicycle like a standard frame lock. If your bicycle does not provide any standard mounting possibilities, you can use the ZR-20 brackets contained in the scope of delivery. The detailed steps for mounting the SMARTLOCKs® can be found in the instructions for use, which can be downloaded from


How many users can use the SMARTLOCK® at the same time?

Up to eight different users can be saved in a lock. The owner of the lock can thus authorise up to seven co-users, which all have in parallel the right to open the lock. The owner can obviously also block users for the use of his SMARTLOCK® and delete previously assigned co-user rights.


For which bicycles is the SMARTLOCK® suited?

The SMARTLOCK® is suited for all bicycles with a tyre width of up to 60 mm.


Can I reorder a key card in case of loss?

Yes, in case of loss, the SMARTLOCK® user can reorder a key card. The key cards can be reordered via the service portal myTRELOCK. For this reason, we recommend registration of the SMARTLOCK® owners at myTRELOCK directly after purchasing the SMARTLOCKs®.


What can I do if the owner of a SMARTLOCK® changes?

The original SMARTLOCK® owner can delete his online registration at myTRELOCK. All authorisations saved in the lock will be deleted, also the ones of the co-users. The new SMARTLOCK® owner can then register at myTRELOCK and has full administration rights to manage the lock.


Which are the smart phones compatible with the SMARTLOCK®?

In general, the SMARTLOCK® is compatible with all smart phones running the Android operating system and an Android version of 4.3 or higher.