Tough on the inside, soft on the outside

Thanks to the IN-X® locking cylinder of the new FS 380 TRIGO®, the key can be inserted on both sides. The redesigned cylinder protection cap not only protects the locking cylinder, but also makes locking and unlocking more convenient. The FS 380 TRIGO® is based on Trelock‘s new, simplified design language.  All in black, the folding lock looks even more elegant than before. Rubberized links made of hardened steel protect the bike not only against theft, but also against scratches. 


  • 85 cm and 100 cm length

  • IN-X® cylinder with reversible key

  • Key Service

  • Soft touch links

  • X-MOVE bracket included

  • Sold Secure Bronze

  • RRP FS 380 TRIGO (85 cm): 64,99 €

  • RRP FS 380 TRIGO L (100 cm): 74,99 €

ZF 234 X-MOVE®

The X-MOVE® bracket for the folding locks FS 380 TRIGO® and FS 380 TRIGO® offers cyclists variability and versatility. The X-MOVE® bracket enables a vibration resistant transport. The innovative bracket enables the folding locks to be easily removed from all sides. The X-MOVE® bracket allows an easy handling of the TRELOCK folding locks. The holder is equipped with a strap that is easy to operate and fixable for left- and right-handed operators. The holder can also be fitted on various shapes of bicycle frames.