TRELOCK Security – Security and quality

TRELOCK bicycle locks offer the appropriate lock for every
opportunity depending on the cyclist's requirements.

Where is the bicycle parked
Type of lock

TRELOCK Security – Security and quality

The number of bicycle thefts is on the increase and only every tenth bicycle is eventually returned to its original owner. However, cyclists investing in a good lock reduce the risk of their bicycle being stolen.

With its bike lock solutions, TRELOCK offers customers more than just security for their bicycles. Innovative additional solutions provide the cyclist with increased security and convenience. Modern cylinder technologies such as IN-X and high-quality materials such as TREDUR produce reliable bicycle locks and as an added plus also reduce the weight of the lock.

TRELOCK key service:
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TRELOCK Security Navigator – A safe choice

TRELOCK bicycle locks offer an adequate amount of security for every opportunity. Using the right lock can contribute to minimising the risk of bicycle theft.
The following questions should be answered to be able to take the right purchasing decision:

The length of time the bicycle is parked, the place where it is parked and the bicycle's value are the criteria which influence the individual purchasing decision.


The new TRELOCK Security Navigator helps you to select the right lock because it provides a clear overview of which lock is intended for which parking time:

  • Short-term
  • Workday
  • Day and night

The new TRELOCK Security Navigator shows at one glance the classification into security levels:

  • Basic level of security / casual thieves:
    BASIC PROTECT: level 1-2

  • High level of security /casual thieves:
    PLUS PROTECT: level 3-4

  • Highest level of security / professional thieves:
    PROFI PROTECT: level 5-6

TRELOCK's world novelty: The SL 460 SMARTLOCK®