TRELOCK's world novelty: The SL 460 SMARTLOCK®

TRELOCK sets new standards in the world of bicycle locks
with the world’s first TRELOCK SL 460 SMARTLOCK®

World novelty: The SL 460 SMARTLOCK®

TRELOCK has a long history in the production of high-quality frame locks and thereby always raised the bar for quality and comfort. TRELOCK reached the development leap from mechanics into electronics with high innovative speed at its location in Germany. By connecting these two areas, TRELOCK now goes a step further and offers its customers an usual safe frame lock with the high ease of use of modern technology.


The worldwide novelty TRELOCK SL 460 SMARTLOCK® is the first frame lock with NFC technology and sets standards in the world of bicycle locks. It can be released via smartphone
easily, which is why no additional bicycle key has to be carried anymore. 

SL 460 SMARTLOCK® – How to...


Instructions / Privacy policy / FAQs

You can download the complete instructions for the SL 460 SMARTLOCK® here:
Instructions SL 460 SMARTLOCK® PDF

For the privacy policy for the SL 460 SMARTLOCK® see following link:
Privacy policy SL 460 SMARTLOCK®

For the FAQs of the SL 460 SMARTLOCK® see following link:



The SL 460 SMARTLOCK® is constructed compactly despite the challenging technology and can be attached to the bike compactly, just like conventional frame locks. In contrast to conventional bicycle locks the SL 460 SMARTLOCK® does without cylinder and so it does not offer possibilities for picking.

With the TRELOCK Security Level 4 of 6 it offers high security against casual thieves. This security can be increased with the well-known TRELOCK connecting chains and connecting cables.



One user can administrate any number of SMARTLOCKS® and manage the user rights via smartphone app. So for example the user rights of joint users can be seen, activated and deactivated. Thereby one lock can save up to eight different users.


1. The TRELOCK SMARTLOCK® app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.

2. The service "MyTRELOCK" offers the simple administration of user accounts.

3. The main menu of the app provides a good overview and a fast navigation.

4. Users and locks can be administrated comfortably via the settings.

5. To add locks you just hold the KEY-Card close to the smartphone and after that...

6. ...the smartphone to the lock.

7. The smartphone has now been trained successfully...

8. ...and can unlock the lock immediately.


1. If you hold an authorised smartphone to the SL 460 SMARTLOCK®, it is unlocked automatically.

2. Afterwards, the SL 460 SMARTLOCK® can be opened comfortably by pushing a button.

3. The SL 460 SMARTLOCK® can be locked easily via the handle.

4. The SL 460 SMARTLOCK® is locked again and ready to be unlocked again by a registered smartphone.


The proven NFC technology offers two decisive advantages over the bluetooth-technology. Firstly, the energy is transmitted directly from the smartphone to the lock. So the lock does not require an own source of energy, has not to be loaded and has one possible attack point less. On the other hand the NFC standard offers barely attack surface because of the small
distance between transmitter and receiver – quite contrary to bluetooth connections, which can be intercepted on greater distances, too. In addition the transmitted data get encrypted via AES-128.


  • Electronic NFC key for SL 460 SMARTLOCK®
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Battery indicator
  • Alternative for non-Android users


  • Electronical unlock function
  • NFC
  • Battery-free
  • Supported systems software: Android 4.3 upwards
  • Free Android app
  • User administration
  • Easy set-up
  • Childproof design
  • Corrosion protection
  • Tire width: 60 mm
  • Dimensions: Height: 170 mm, Width: 156 mm, Depth: 38 mm
Available colours:
  •  Black
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