All TRELOCK dynamo powered bicycle lights and rechargeable battery powered bicycle lights are approved for German road traffic and meet the requirements of the German Road Traffic Act (StVZO).  The TRELOCK battery powered bicycle lights are unrestrictedly approved for racing bikes up to 11 kg in accordance with the German Road Traffic Act § 67 and as additional lighting. Exempted from this are battery powered lamps with blinking function. According to the German Road Traffic Act, these are not approved for German road traffic.



All TRELOCK head and rear lights, whether dynamo or battery powered, are splash-water protected and can thus be used when driving in the rain.



Basically all TRELOCK dynamo powered head lamps and rear lights are designed for operation with a hub dynamo or a bottle dynamo. The only exception is the LS 820 DUO FLAT SIGNAL. On this dynamo powered rear light with brake light function, the STOP SIGNAL can only be generated by a hub dynamo.



The handlebar remote control of the LS 906 Bike-i prio® is used to switch the dynamo head lamp on and off. In addition, the luminous intensity can be increased or decreased. Due to the very high luminous intensity of 80 Lux, situations could occur where other road users are disturbed by the strong light. Dimming the LS 906 Bike-i prio® makes such situations safer.



All LEDs used by TRELOCK have a maximum operating time in excess of 25,000 hours.



No, all TRELOCK rechargeable batteries are permanently installed and cannot be exchanged. These are always high-quality lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which are designed for many charging cycles. A so-called "memory effect" does not occur.



TRELOCK installs exclusively high-quality lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that are designed for more than 800 charging cycles.



TRELOCK offers four different bracket options, which are each suitable for every TRELOCK rechargeable battery powered or battery powered head lamp. The ZL 801 is the standard bracket for TRELOCK rechargeable battery and battery head lamps. It is supplied with an anti-slip rubber and can be fitted on handlebars with a diameter from 22 - 32 mm. The ZL 700 VARIOTEX® bracket is designed for bicycle handlebars with a diameter from 22 - 32 mm. Thanks to the variable textile tape, the bracket can thus be fitted to any bicycle handlebar, also oversized handlebars, without any difficulty and without tools. As additional accessory, TRELOCK offers the ZL 710 VARIOTEX® BALANCE. As far as operating principle and assembly are concerned, this handlebar can be compared to the ZL 700 VARIOTEX® with the difference that it has an integrated display that allows the perfect adjustment of the head lamp. Thus, the head lamp can be accurately aligned to achieve an optimal field of vision and to avoid dazzling the oncoming traffic. For standard handlebars, TRELOCK offers the ZL 500 standard bracket. It can be fitted on handlebars with a diameter from 22 - 25 mm. The ZL 500 standard bracket is tightened with a screw to provide a vibration-proof fit.



All TRELOCK rechargeable battery powered and battery powered head lamps and rear lights are equipped with brackets and batteries where applicable. For lighting with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, the USB charging cable ZL 508 is included in the supply by default. The TRELOCK dynamo powered head lamps and rear lights are provided with a pre-installed bracket and connecting cables.



On TRELOCK battery powered lights that are equipped with a battery charge indicator, an optical signal indicates a low battery charge level, for instance will the on/off switch light up in red. As soon as this optical signal appears, the batteries should be replaced or the rechargeable batteries charged. Please read the respective operating instructions for more detailed information.



These two modes are available for the TRELOCK head lamp LS 460 I-GO® Power. The cyclist can swap between the two modes at the push of a button. When riding in ECO MODE (for instance in more than adequately illuminated environments such as the city centre), the rechargeable battery powered head lamp provides 15 LUX. In less well illuminated environments (for instance on a country road at night), up to 30 LUX are available in POWER MODE.



The 5-level display is a world-wide unique innovation from TRELOCK. Luminous intensity and remaining burn time can be precisely controlled via the display. The 5 illumination levels range from 10 to 70 LUX. The display indicates the remaining burn time accurate to the minute. Thus, the cyclist is always able to determine exactly when he needs to charge the lithium-ion rechargeable battery via the USB cable.



The 3-level display of the LS 560 I-GO® CONTROL has two 3-level displays to indicate the battery level and luminous intensity level. Depending on situation and battery level, the suitable luminous intensity can thus be set at any time.



The display of the LS 460 I-GO® POWER shows the currently set luminous intensity.



The TRELOCK lithium-ion rechargeable battery offers a high storage capacity at low weight and is thus an efficient energy source. The TRELOCK lithium-ion rechargeable battery retains the stored charge almost completely. Only 1 – 2 % of the stored energy is lost due to unavoidable self-discharge. In comparison, a standard rechargeable battery loses 15 – 20 % of its capacity, i.e. the tenfold. The high storage capacity and low self-discharge characterise the TRELOCK lithium-ion rechargeable battery and turn the TRELOCK battery powered head lamps into reliable bicycle lights.



The STOP SIGNAL is a feature of the LS 820 DUO FLAT SIGNAL. It is an ultra-flat dynamo powered rear light with brake light function. As soon as the cyclist significantly reduces his riding speed when the lights are on, two additional LEDs light up, thus signalling to other road users that the cyclist is braking. This can help to avoid rear-end collisions and increase traffic safety.



The TRELOCK battery or rechargeable battery powered head lamps LS 350 I-GO® SPORT, LS 360 I-GO® ECO, LS 460 I-GO® POWER, LS 560 I-GO® CONTROL and LS 950 I-GO® CONTROL ION are equipped with an integrated USB charging socket. The lamps can be recharged unproblematically by means of this socket via computer or laptop by means of a USB cable. As an option, TRELOCK offers the ZL 505 USB quick-charger that can be used to recharge the lamps via a wall socket. Attention should be paid that for charging the LS 350 I-GO®, rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries must be inserted.



Except for the rear lights LS 610 and LS 812 TRIO FLAT, the batteries on all TRELOCK battery powered lights can be replaced without tools. This makes for an easy and fast battery replacement. Please do not dispose of empty batteries and rechargeable batteries with the household garbage, but in the manner prescribed by the legislator.



The TRELOCK models LS 460, LS 560, LS 750 and LS 950 are equipped with a switch-on protection. The power switch must be continuously pressed for 2 seconds to switch on the lamp. Please also check the state of charge. If you continue to encounter problems, please consult our customer service.



When operating the battery powered lighting, please ensure that no normal batteries are inserted, but rechargeable batteries are used instead and that the lamp is intended for this type of operation. Rechargeable batteries are possibly not included in the scope of supply and must be purchased separately. Please also ensure that the inserted rechargeable batteries are fully functional. Ensure that you are using suitable accessories. If the rechargeable batteries or a built-in rechargeable battery do not charge, please contact our customer service.



The battery symbol on the left bottom margin of the display does not change. The 5 bars that are vertically arranged above the symbol indicate the rechargeable battery charge level.



You can basically use any conventional USB-to-micro-cable or USB-to-mini-cable *, which, referred to the outer dimensions of the connectors, fits into the opening provided on the lamp. Just to be sure we recommend the use of the TRELOCK USB-cable type ZL 508 (micro-USB) or ZL 506 (mini-USB), which can each be ordered as spare part. *(for older versions of the LS 950 CONTROL ION or LS 750 ION)



Yes, every TRELOCK rechargeable battery powered lamp comes with a matching USB charge cable.



The maximum burn time of the TRELOCK rechargeable battery powered lamps is as follows:
LS 360 I-GO® ECO: < 8h
LS 460 I-GO® POWER: < 12h
LS 560 I-GO® CONTROL: < 16h
LS 950 CONTROL ION: < 45h

To secure your bicycle, you should invest at least 10 % of the bicycle's new value. A first-class bicycle should also be secured with a first-class lock. Two locks are always better than one. The bicycle itself should be locked with a solid lock while components (wheels, saddle,...) should be secured with an additional safeguarding system (e.g. a cable lock or loop cable). The basic question to be asked is where and for how long your bicycle will be parked unattended. Then you decide with the help of the TRELOCK SECURITY SYSTEM which bicycle lock of the six security levels is the right one for you.



To guarantee a long service life for your TRELOCK lock, all the mechanical parts such as the lock barrel and the locking mechanism need to be maintained with a high-quality synthetic or sewing machine oil. The TRELOCK Oliplus universal maintenance spray is optimally suited for this type of maintenance. Depending on how frequently it is used, you should lubricate your lock at least once a year and while doing so actuate the lock barrel and the locking mechanism to distribute the oil. This will remove any dirt and wear debris between the components and can also guard against the lock icing up. Avoid using any sharp or solvent-containing cleaning agents, as these will attack the plastic and can damage the product.



To protect your lock against icing, we recommend regular lubrication of all mechanical parts such as the lock barrel and the locking mechanism. This will displace any moisture inside the housing. If the lock is equipped with a dust cap for the lock barrel, this cap should always be sealed.



We recommend the use of a commercially available lock de-icer (the ones that are also used for cars) to de-ice your TRELOCK lock.



At the factory setting, all freely programmable combination locks can be opened with the combination "0000". To change this number combination, first open the lock by pushing the button. When the lock is open, a reset mechanism becomes visible, which must be turned anti-clockwise. Now turn the number plates to the desired combination and make a note of it. Then move the reset mechanism clockwise back to its original position. With this you have set your personal safety code. Keep the noted lock combination in a safe place, because only you are now able to open the lock.



The TRELOCK combination lock mechanism is highly intricate and safe. Therefore, not even we are able to open your combination lock without knowing the programmed number combination.



TRELOCK offers a key service for bicycle locks from TRELOCK security level 3 onwards. For this you merely require the key number, which can be found on the key. A sample key as template or the key number are absolutely necessary. Without these details, not even we will be able to make a key for you. You can place your order online at the TRELOCK website. The keys will then be conveniently delivered to your home. The costs per key range between 9.99€ and 11.99€.



The key number can only be found on the key because this prevents any unauthorised key reordering. Please make a note of the key number and keep it in a safe place so that you can re-order keys if need be. A sample key as template or the key number are absolutely necessary. Without these details, not even we will be able to make a key for you.



Push your lock into the bracket and look for a suitable position on the frame. Please pay attention during installation that lock and bracket do not block any moving parts of your bicycle and that the lock can be opened with the key and pulled off the bracket without any difficulty. As far as possible, screw in the plastic screws on the bracket with a manual screw driver to avoid an excessive torque and thus an overtightening of the screws.



All TRELOCK bicycle locks are equipped with matching brackets.  There are basically four different types of brackets: for folding locks, for U-locks, for frame locks and for armoured cable/cable/curly cable locks. Please refer to our bracket overview for more detailed information.



The TRELOCK PROTECT-O-CONNECT™ system makes it possible to connect a CONNECT cable or a CONNECT chain to the frame lock to additionally secure the bicycle on a solid object.  Bicycle components can also be secured in this manner. Within the scope of the PROTECT-O-CONNECT™ system, the following TRELOCK frame locks are equipped with a connection for CONNECT cable or CONNECT chain: RS 350, RS 450, RS 451.



For balloon tyres, TRELOCK has included the frame locks RS 350 PROTECT-O-CONNECT™ balloon and RS 450 PROTECT-O-CONNECT™ balloon in its range. Both locks have a particularly large opening width and can thus accommodate balloon tyres without problems. Both have an opening width of 72 mm.



The FIXXGO® is both available as cable lock or curly cable lock and also as armoured cable lock. The special feature of this bicycle lock is the integrated bracket. The integrated bracket allows the lock to be easily fastened on any kind of bicycle and saves the hassle of having to mount a bracket first.



RS 350, 450, 451:    70 - 100mm



The abbreviation "AZ" stands for "withdrawable key" and the abbreviation "NAZ" stands for "non-withdrawable key ".



The TRELOCK security level assists the customer in finding the appropriate key for his bicycle. Locks with security level 1-2 offer security against casual thieves. Locks with security level 3-4 offer a high degree of security against casual thieves and levels 5-6 offer a high degree of security against professional thieves.



TRELOCK frame locks can be combined with TRELOCK connection chains and connection cables as follows:
RS 350: ZR 310, ZR 355, ZR 455
RS 445: ZR 80, ZR 200
RS 450: ZR 310, ZR 355, ZR 455
RS 451: ZR 310, ZR 355, ZR 455



Apart from the classic lock function, REFLECT LINE locks offer reflecting elements for added safety in road traffic.